Nestle Professional

Maggi Chef Master Stock 1.2KG

  • Expiry Date: Oct 29, 2020

    Premium master stock recipe favoured by renowned Master Chefs. Made from real scallops, oysters, and chicken to create balanced flavour of premium stock broth. Robust And Long Lasting

    - Tolerates long cooking periods and extreme heat with no flavour loss Master Stock Recipe - Made using premium ingredients and created with authentic master stock recipe Cost And Time Saver

    - Exquisite flavour and aroma without excessive cost and effort to create scratch-made stock Premium Scratch-Made Quality - Real scallops, oysters, and chicken create a rich, full-bodied, long lasting taste and aroma Gourmet Cooking Across Cuisines

    - Balanced flavours perfect for gourmet stir-fry dishes, soups, seafood, meats, and vegetables Versatile

    - Excellent results when used in premium banqueting and gourmet dishes Key Dishes

    - Fish maw soup and any premium soups, Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, pen cai, braised premium seafood and meats

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