Nestle Professional

Maggi Chef Master Stock 1.2KG

  • Premium master stock recipe favoured by renowned Master Chefs. Made from real scallops, oysters, and chicken to create balanced flavour of premium stock broth. Robust And Long Lasting

    - Tolerates long cooking periods and extreme heat with no flavour loss Master Stock Recipe - Made using premium ingredients and created with authentic master stock recipe Cost And Time Saver

    - Exquisite flavour and aroma without excessive cost and effort to create scratch-made stock Premium Scratch-Made Quality - Real scallops, oysters, and chicken create a rich, full-bodied, long lasting taste and aroma Gourmet Cooking Across Cuisines

    - Balanced flavours perfect for gourmet stir-fry dishes, soups, seafood, meats, and vegetables Versatile

    - Excellent results when used in premium banqueting and gourmet dishes Key Dishes

    - Fish maw soup and any premium soups, Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, pen cai, braised premium seafood and meats

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