Nestle Professional

Maggi Concentrated Chicken Stock 1.2KG

  • Concentrated, double-boiled chicken stock made from real chicken in ready-to-use liquid form to save time and cost for all kitchens. Convenient And Versatile

    - Tolerates long cooking and extreme heat; dissolves quickly in hot or cold applications Made wirth Fresh Chicken

    - Full-bodied, long lasting double-boiled chicken flavor, aroma, and taste Time Saver - Save time with only 5 minutes needed for stock preparation Concentrated And Scratch-Made Quality

    - Four times more concentrated than scratch-made stock Economical - Costs 66% less than scratch-made stock; each bottle yields 124 dishes Enahances Umami Flavours

    - Subtle and balanced base for Asian and Western cuisines Key Dishes

    - Chicken soup or as a soup base for any soups, stir fry dishes like vegetables, meats and seafood, base for braising sauces. Suitable for both Asian and Western cuisines

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