Nestle Professional

Maggi Concentrate Vegetable Stock 1.2KG

  • Made for vegetarians and ideal for soups and sauces, or as a base for vegetarian or vegetable dishes. Natural Taste

    - Naturally rich and long lasting taste and aroma; made for vegetarian dishes Concentrated And Scratch-Made Quality

    - Suitable as stock or as a taste booster in scratch-made stock or dishes Robust Flavour And Umami Enhancer

    - Tolerates long cooking periods and extreme heat; provides umami flavour boost Versatile Base

    - Subtle and balanced base for Asian and Western cuisines Time Saver

    - Get instant stock in 5 minutes and save 2 to 4 hours of stock preparation time Economical And Easy To Use

    - Concentrated vegetarian stock in ready-to-use form that suits hot or cold applications Key Dishes

    - Lo han zai, vegetarian szechuan soup, braised ee fu noodles, base for braised dishes and sauces. Suitable for both asian and western cuisines

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