Top Detergent Liquid Stain Buster 4KG

    Penetrates every layer of fabric fibre to lift out tough stains, invisible body oils and sweat for completely clean laundry in just one wash.

    The new TOP Micro-Clean Tech features the Anti Sebum innovation that penetrates deeply into the fibre core to lift out trapped sebum and sweat stains effectively.

    Micro-Clean Tech cleans both visible and invisible stains so your laundry is hygienically clean.

    TOP Micro-Clean Tech is:
    Anti Sebum - pulls out trapped sweat and body oil
    99.9% Anti Mite-Dust - removes 99.9%* of mite-dust
    Anti Malodour - prevents malodour
    99.9% Anti Bacteria - eliminates 99.9%* of bacteria

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