Sofy Extra Dry Day Slim Wing 23cm 20s

  • SOFY Extra Dry with Japan technology that absorbs even thick menstrual flow and locks liquid at bottom, leaving surface dry. So, you can enjoy skin comfort and shine all day. No bulky feeling with its only 0.1 cm thickness while providing you the coverage you need! The Softest* Wavy Top Sheet with all new SOFY Extra Dry technology from Japan featuring the innovative Extra Dry Sheet that comes in wavy surface, which lessen irritation by reducing skin contact.*compare with all Sofy products. Superior Absorbency with the Extra Dry Sheet allows even thick flow to be absorbed quickly into the bottom of the napkin and locks it away to minimize skin contact. It also sticky Free with Napkin's surface remains dry, so that skin feels fresh & comfortable. Free yourself from stickiness during menstruation.

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