Shokubutsu Shower Foam Green Tea Harmony Jumbo Refill Pack 850G

  • Shokubutsu Clean Fresh Green Tea Harmony Shower Foam indulge in Clean Fresh Formula and Green Tea Leaf Extract help refreshes and renew skin natural radiance.

    Nuka Oil, an anti-aging secret of Japanese women is:
    - 100% Plant Cleansing Ingredients formula that provide mild and gentleness on skin.
    - 100% Plant Anti-Oxidant from Nuka Oil (Rice Bran Oil) that is naturally rich in Oryzanol and Vitamin E to help neutralise free radicals.
    - 100% Plant Nourishment from Plant Extract to enhance skin beauty.
    - Superior lather with easy foaming, easy rinsing and non-sticky after shower feel.
    - Long lasting natural infused fragrance.

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