Mi Sedaap Fried Noodle 5's x 90g

Mi Sedaap Fried Instant Noodle is the pioneer in giving you the eating excitement. Its springy noodle with 5 times extra crunchy fried onions make you to enjoy every bite of it. Its crunchy fried onions have the kriuk-kriuk sound in your mouth when you bite on it.

Mi Sedaap Fried Instant Noodle has a rich aromatic chicken smell with crispy and crunchy fried onion that make your stomach hunger for more. It's not an ordinary chicken flavour compare with others. The flavour is simple irresistible! Mi Sedaap Fried Instant Noodles are made from the finest quality flour and ingredients, making it a great source of protein. The high quality and springy noodles are delicious with the tantalising flavour.

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