Cap Limau Yu Yee Oil 48ML

  • Yu Yee Oil is a traditional aromatic oil which often used in South East Asia for quick relief of arthritis, headaches, heartburn, joint & muscle pain and trapped stomach gas or wind. Yu Yee Oil is also an effective remedy for babies suffering from colic.

    Yu Yee Oil is a herbal medicated ointment with sweet peppermint smell. It is use traditionally to relief winds and bloated problem in babies. Chinese mothers have been using it for centuries and it has been time-proven to be an effective treatment for gassy babies. Colic is believed by many to be caused by problems with the baby's immature digestive system causing painful abdominal trapped gas. By using Yu Yee Oil you will be effectively relieving colic and soothing baby. It also helps to reduce mild muscle and joint aches and pain of all ages.

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