Top Detergent Powder (Super Low Suds) 5KG

  • TOP’s High Efficiency (HE)
    Low Suds Formula is specially developed for front load machines to give you an efficient and effective wash.

    Facts on Low Suds:
    - Low Suds Detergent are specially formulated to produce less suds and be gentle towards front-load machine's drums.
    - More suds does not represent better cleaning power. This is a common misconception.
    - Too much suds can actually damage your washing machine's drums.
    - Detergents that are non-biodegradable and emits carbon footprint can be harmful to the environment.

    TOP Front Load Laundry Detergent is also available in:
    - Smart Clean (Low Suds) Liquid

    The new TOP Micro-Clean Tech features the Anti Sebum innovation that penetrates deeply into the fibre core to lift out trapped sebum and sweat stains effectively.

    Micro-Clean Tech cleans both visible and invisible stains so your laundry is hygienically clean.

    TOP Micro-Clean Tech is:
    Anti Sebum - pulls out trapped sweat and body oil
    99.9% Anti Mite-Dust - removes 99.9%* of mite-dust
    Anti Malodour - prevents malodour
    99.9% Anti Bacteria - eliminates 99.9%* of bacteria

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