Systema Advance Extra Gum Protection Toothpaste 130G

  • Great aromatic mint flavour

    Systema Advance Anti-Plaque Toothpaste
    The world's first toothpaste combining the power of IPMP. TDS and GK2 for superior plaque removal in Gum Pockets.

    Systema Advance anti-plaque toothpaste uses Japan's Advance Plaque Buster technology to break down plaque and kills 99.9% bacteria in hard-to-reach areas like the plaque biofilm in the gum pockets, whilst GK2 soothes gum discomfort.

    Advance Plaque Buster consists of:
    TDS - Breaks down plaque.
    IPMP - Penetrates plaque biofilm & kills bacteria inside gum pocket which is the main cause of gum problems.
    GK2 - Soothes gum

    Anti-plaque bacteria toothpaste with Advance Plaque Buster will keep your gums and teeth healthy for life!

    SYSTEMA Advance Toothpaste is clinically proven as:
    - 4x better in preventing gum problems*
    - 24-hour protection against oral bacteria**
    - Kills 99.9% bacteria***

    *Clinical test using toothpaste (containing IPMP & GK2) vs placebo
    **with twice daily brushing

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