Neu Zea Organic Milk Probiotics & Prebiotics 1.5KG

  • Neu Zea Organic Milk with Probiotics and Prebiotics is a milk replacer ideal for orphaned puppies and kittens, as well as animals that are not receiving sufficient amounts of mother's milk. This solution can be given to pregnant/nursing mothers as well.

    The organic milk has low lactose levels whilst still providing the level of nutrients required to meet the needs of young and active animals as well as the addition of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid). 

    Research shows that DHA plays a critical role in maintaining the health of the nervous system over the lifespan of an animal. EPA provides support towards cardiovascular health.

    Feeding pregnant/nursing mothers this organic milk can have a great positive impact on the intelligence and happiness of their offspring.

    Feeding Table:
    - Kitten/Puppy (less than 1 week old), 3/4 teaspoon / 3 hours
    - Kitten/Puppy (1-4 week), 1-3 teaspoons / 4 hours
    - Nursing Mother, 2teaspoon / 5lb - Adult Dog/Cat, 2 teaspoon / 5lb Feeding

    - Allow puppies/kittes to nurse on mother's milk for at least 2 days.
    - Add one level measure of powder to 10 level measures od boilder, warm water. Mix solution well.
    - Amount used should be adjusted to meet individual animal's nutritional requiredments.
    * Once puppy/kitten is able to lap, begin offering reconstituted Neu Zea in a shallow container. This will help the transition to solid food.

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