Neu Zea milk replacer for Puppies & Kitten 1.5KG

  • Neu Zea is a milk replacer ideal for orphaned puppies and kittens, as well as animals that are not receiving sufficient amounts of mother's milk.

    Neu Zea has low lactose levels whilst still providing the level of nutrients required to meet the needs of young and active animals. It contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals- essentials for optimal growth in puppies and kittens.

    Guranteed Analysis:
    - Crude Protein, min 26.0%
    - Crude Fat, min 20.0%
    - Crude Carbohydrates, min 42.0%

    Feeding Table:
    - Kitten/Puppy (less than 1 week old), 3/4 teaspoon / 3 hours
    - Kitten/Puppy (1-4 week old), 1-3 teaspoon / 4 hours
    - Nursing Mother, 2 teaspoon / 5lb
    - Adult Dog/Cat, 2 teaspoon / 5lb

    Feeding Direction:
    - Allow puppies/kitties to nurse on mother's milk foe at least 2 days.
    - Add one level measure of powder to 10 level measures of boiled, warm water. Mix solution well.
    - Amount used shoulder be adjusted to meet individual ewquirements.
    *Once puppy/kitten is able to lap, begin offering reconsituted Neu Zea in a shallow container. This will help the transition to solid food.

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