Moist Diane Bonheur Orange Flower Treatment (Conditioner) 500ML

  • When it comes to shampoo, rather than chemicals, the more natural the ingredients the better. That is why we handpicked everything, from the soil and seeds to the sources of production, to make a shampoo that is rich with over 98% organic ingredients.

    The Aroma of Goddesses that brings joy with every breath, along with the surprisingly light and heavenly texture, will energize your hair and scalp with health and happiness. The start of a fresh idea - Farming Shampoo. Diane Bonheur is here. Minimizes frizziness caused by dryness, and leads to naturally glossy hair that fingers can run through smoothly, Shampooing readies the hair and scalp for achieving beauty.

    The scent of orange flower is soft and eloquent, with a hint of noble air that refreshes the mind of body. Organic shampoo with more then 98% naturally derived ingredient, 100 % of plant-derived cleansing ingredient, blend with craft fragrance and craft oil. To shiny and smoothen hair with grasse neroli and citrus fruit aroma.

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