Milo Activ-Go 1Kg

  • Malaysia's much-loved beverage, MILO is well known for its appealing and aromatic taste, whether it's serving in hot or cold. Milo is for everyone to enjoy! MILO the trusted heritage of nourishment that you can count on anytime, anyplace. MILO, is not just any chocolate malt drink. It contains PROTOMALT, a malted barley extract that supplies complex carbohydrates: the preferred, recommended source of energy in a balanced diet. It also has a good part of the nutrients naturally present in barley.

    MILO was introduced in Malaysia as a Tonic Food Drink. In 1999 B Vitamins were introduced in MILO for energy release, and was further improved in 2002 with ACTIGEN-E, a unique combination of 8 vitamins and 4 minerals, which helps in optimal release of energy from food. MILO is action packed with the natural goodness of malt, skimmed milk and cocoa for that great chocolatey taste. MILO with PROTOMALT contains malt extract which is a mixture of different types of carbohydrates that provides energy and nutrients the body needs.

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