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Maggi Ginger Garlic Paste 900G

Aromatic mix of real ginger and garlic in a versatile paste. Suitable in marinades, stir-fry dishes, and for delicious, aromatic chicken rice. Tasty Made Easy

- Make tasty chicken rice in a few simple steps with this aromatic paste Fresh Ingredients

- Real ginger and garlic; no added MSG Special Recipe

- Specially formulated to bring out the full flavour and taste of ginger and garlic Versatile

- Multi-purpose seasoning that serves as a base for meat marinades; essential in stir-fry dishes Time Saver

- Perfect for QSR and central kitchen preparation of chicken rice; reduces steps and ingredients required Seafood Special

- Fresh, aromatic taste profile brings out the flavour in seafood dishes, especially steamed fish Key Dishes

- Hainanese chicken rice, steamed fish, vinegar ginger chilli base, stir-fry vegetables, base for meat marinade, potential use in Indian cuisine dishes that uses a lot of ginger and garlic

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