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Maggi Concentrated Chicken Stock No Add MSG 1.2KG

  • Healthier choice recipe that uses real chicken to deliver concentrated, double-boiled stock in ready-to-use liquid form that is economical and time saving. Convenient And Versatile

    - Subtle flavour creates balanced base for different cuisines; dissolves easily in hot or cold applications Made With Freh Chicken

    - Full-bodied stock, long lasting double-boiled chicken flavour, aroma, and taste Time saver

    - Get instant stock in 5 minutes and save 4 to 8 hours of stock preparation time Scratch-Made Quality And Umami Enhancer

    - Tolerates long cooking periods and extreme heat; provides umami flavour boost Economical

    - Costs 66% less than scratch-made stock with a high yield of 124 dishes Healthier Choice - Healthier Choice recipe with no added MSG Key Dishes

    - Chicken soup, base for creating other soups, stir-fry vegetable, meat, and seafood dishes, base for braising sauces. Suitable for both Asian and Western cuisines

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