Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner (01 Deep Black)

  • Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner Deep Black is an automatic pencil type eyeliner, perfect to define the eyes. The eyeliner clings tightly to the skin and makes the eyes look bigger and darker.

    1) Deep Black for Jet-Black high-definition lines - A black color that is deeper and darker than ever will sharply define your eyes, accentuating your pupils.
    2) Smooth, crayon tip - The soft tip allows you to easily draw smooth lines, even in difficult areas such as between eyelashes and along the eyes. (Twist up just 2-3mm twisting it too far can result in the tip becoming broken.)
    3) Waterproof - Long-lasting formula to make it highly resistant to sweat, water and rubbing and to stay free from smudging for long hours. (Easy to remove with a regular make up remover)

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