Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow (06 Pink Brown)

  • Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow can help you to creates stylish eyebrows in seconds. Lighten your eyebrows to suit your hair.

    1) Creates naturally fluffy eyebrows that match your hair color.
    - The loquid clings tightly to the eyebrows without coloring the skin. A natural brown color added to suit dark brown or black hair.
    2) This film-type eyebrow mascara gives intense color in one stroke!
    - A single quick application can produce great coloration, additional coat for even more intense color.
    3) Lighten your eyebrow to suit your hair
    - Lighten your eyebrow to bright brown to suits your hair.
    4) Long-lasting but easy to remove with lukewarm
    - Resistant to perspiration, water, sebum and rubbing to prevents smudging for a long time.
    - Easy to remove
    5) Contains Panthenol Ingredient

    How to use:
    1. Select the color best matched with your hair color and eye color.
    2. Brush over lash from the outer end of brow to the inner end.
    3. Then brush over lash once again from the inner end to the outer end.

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