Indocafe Original Blend Refill Pack 100g

  • Indocafé has low acidity level that offers a less sour after taste. Indocafé coffee range is roasted, processed and packaged all in the same place to ensure its freshness. So that it tastes just like freshly brewed coffee! Indocafé products dissolve instantly and completely in warm or hot water with minimum stirring.

    A blend of specially selected coffee beans from the world famous Mandheling mountain region of Northern Sumatra, Indocafe Original Blend Instant coffee gives you the satisfying, full-bodied taste of 100% pure coffee. Its unique blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee provides the aroma, smoothness and full-bodied taste that will satisfy any coffee lover without leaving a sour aftertaste. Whether you like your coffee black or white, you will discover the pleasure of Indocafé.

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