Bow Wow Sweet Potato Chicken Rib 80G

  • - Made with Sweet Potato providing dietary fiber to your pet to support a healthy digestive system blended with Chicken meat, which is packed with protein and essential nutrient that plays a role from muscle growth to immune functions.
    - 80g packaged to retain product freshness.
    - Carefully selected raw materials and processed with heat sterilization in hygienic facility.
    - Easily digested, low in fat, calories and salt, help prevent obesity in pets - making it a healthier indulgence!

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    - Crude Protein min. 30.0%
    - Crude Fiber max. 1.0%
    - Crude Fat min. 1.0%
    - Calcium min. 0.03%
    - Phosphorus min. 0.2%
    - Crude Ash max. 6.0%
    - Moisture max. 30.0%

    Ingredients: Chicken breast, grain starch, grain, sugar, sorbitol, cheese, emulsifier, sweet potato, mixed skim milk, refined salt, xanthan gum, banana resin, synthetic flavoring (milk flavor), ham spice powder, acidity regulator, potassium sorbate.

    Small - sized dogs (5~10kg), Daily amount Approx. 1 pcs
    Medium - sized dogs (10~25kg), Daily amount Approx. 3 pcs
    Large - sized dogs (>25kg), Daily amount Approx. 5 pcs

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