Bow Wow Salmon Long Stick

  • - Low-fat, salt and calorie snack made from salmon with cheese in the center.
    - Each stick is individually packaged to preserve freshness. Each stick weight 20g.
    - Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fats which are beneficial in maintaining healthy joints, shinny coat, alleviating allergies and healthy heart function.
    - Carefully selected raw materials and processed with heat sterilization in hygienic facility.
    - Contains Soy proteins/isoflavones beneficial in lowering blood cholesterol.

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    - Crude Protein min. 15.0%
    - Crude Fiber max. 5.0%
    - Crude Fat min. 2.0%
    - Calcium min. 0.1%
    - Phosphorus min. 0.9%
    - Crude Ash max. 6.0%
    - Moisture max. 35.0%

    Ingredients: Cheese, Salmon, Fish, Wheat, Soybean dietary fiber, Composite amino acids.

    Miniature dogs (<5kg), Daily amount Approx. 1 pc
    Small - sized dogs (5~10kg), Daily amount Approx. 2 pcs
    Medium - sized dogs (10~25kg), Daily amount Approx. 3 ~ 4 pcs
    Large - sized dogs (>25kg), Daily amount Approx. 4 ~ 5 pcs

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