Bow Wow Mixed Snacks 40G

  • - Soft texture and mini bites. Ideal as training treats. Made with healthy ingredients loved by dogs.
    - 40g packaged to retain product freshness.
    - Carefully selected raw materials and processed in hygienic facility. This product is Free from artificial flavorings and colorings.
    - They are easily digested, low in fat, calories and salt, help prevent obesity in pets - making it a healthier indulgence!
    - This is an all-time classic and well-loved soft treat among many pets for years.

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    - Crude Protein min. 15.0%
    - Crude Fiber max. 3.0%
    - Crude Fat min. 2.2%
    - Calcium min. 0.1%
    - Phosphorus min. 0.3%
    - Crude Ash max. 6.0%
    - Moisture max. 30.0%

    Ingredients: Chicken, Salmon, Vegetables, Cheese, Calcium, Marine alga (brown seaweed) Wheat, Soybean dietary fiber (a bean cake), Composite amino acids and the rest.

    Miniature dogs (<5kg), Daily amount Approx. 40g
    Small - sized dogs (5~10kg), Daily amount Approx. 40 ~ 70g
    Medium - sized dogs (10~25kg), Daily amount Approx. 70 ~ 150g
    Large - sized dogs (>25kg), Daily amount Approx. 150g and above

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